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The Handbook of Keyword Selection

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"The proof of the pudding is in the tasting."

To give you a taste of how The Handbook of Keyword Selection looks and reads, I've captured three sample pages from different parts of the Handbook.

These three samples are Adobe Acrobat "Portable Document Format" (PDF) documents (as is The Handbook of Keyword Selection itself). [What is Adobe Acrobat?]


Here are your sample pages from The Handbook of Keyword Selection:





From Chapter 4: When forming keyword phrases, use qualifiers to target your audience. This will both attract qualified prospects and turn away unqualified ones. (67 Kb PDF document)


From Chapter 5: Use lateral thinking to find concepts which are related to your core topic. (Is the use of related searches an example of creative marketing or spam? I discuss that.) (91 Kb PDF document)


This excerpt from Chapter 5 discusses whether to use a given keyword for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) or for Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising ... or for both. This page also shows partial results from a keyword "competition" analysis by Wordtracker. (134 Kb PDF document)


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