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In Search Engine Marketing ....

Keywords Come First !


Did you know ....

... that the most fundamental technique for Web site promotion is Search Engine Marketing (SEM)?

It’s true … because millions of times a day search engines deliver highly qualified traffic to Web sites – targeted visitors who are actively looking for a specific type of information. The two main examples of SEM – built upon careful keyword selection – are search engine optimization (sometimes called SEO optimization) and Pay Per Click advertising. Your keyword selection process will provide keywords and keyword phrases which can be used with either or both of these SEM techniques!

Keyword Selection Targets Highly-qualified, Active Prospects

There are two critical, unique benefits to Search Engine Marketing. First, by its very nature, search engine traffic is very targeted. Each searcher is looking for very specific information. When SEM is well-implemented, your business or organization “stands out from the crowd” and can be found based on its particular qualities and benefits.

Second, search engine users are active prospects, not passive recipients of marketing messages. Potential buyers who find your site via a search engine are actively looking for your product, service, or information. (This explains why more people buy online when they find a site through search listings instead of through banner ads.)

Secret to SEO Optimization and Pay Per Click Advertising

What's the fundamental secret to success in Search Engine Marketing? The keywords you use. In fact, this is the first step in marketing through search engines. Before you think about Search Engine Optimization. Before you think about opening Pay Per Click advertising (PPC) accounts. Before you do anything else which depends upon keyword selection, you must find out what your keywords are!

That’s why we say “Keywords come FIRST!”

Nothing is more fundamentally important to Search Engine Marketing than first determining:

  1. Which keywords are most likely to be used by people searching for your type of information, and
  2. How to put those keywords to work attracting visitors to your site.

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Good Keywords and Keyword Phrases Aren’t Always Obvious

Oftentimes, the choice of keywords and keyword phrases for a particular audience is not as obvious as you might think. The secret to keyword marketing is finding words which are:

  1. Specific to what you offer,
  2. Commonly used by searchers, and
  3. Have limited competition from other sites

Above all, choosing keywords and keyword phrases is not a guessing game! Rather, it's marketing research – and a critical step that can make or break your online marketing campaign. If you plan to do SEO optimization and/or Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising, The Handbook of Keyword Selection is where you start.

THE Foundation for Search Engine Marketing

This eBook explains how to choose keywords for your site. These are words which will help you and your prospects find each other – by means of the search engines. Stated differently, this is how you get your Web pages to rank highly in search engine results.

Take charge of your site’s fate on the search engines! Your tools? SEO optimization and Pay-Per-Click advertising. Your foundation? Top keywords!


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