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Home Page -- Since using search engines is second only to using email, having a presence in search results has become the first step in online marketing. However, before you can implement a search engine marketing campaign - using Search Engine Optimization and/or Pay Per Click advertising - you must determine what are the best keywords for your topic. Explains why search engines are a marketer's dream-come-true. Observes that people search naturally, using whatever term seems right. The key is determining what those terms are, then positioning your site to be found for those terms. In other words, by understanding how your audience searches, you can better position your Web site to be found. But you must know the search terms being used. (By the way, this isn't a guessing game.)

5-Minute Summary -- In a hurry? Condenses our Home Page's orientation to keyword-based search engine marketing into a 5-minute digest.

Table of Contents -- A detailed look at chapters and sub-chapters (7 chapters, 136 pages) for The Handbook of Keyword Selection. Scanning over this "outline" of the eBook gives you an excellent sense of its contents. Includes links to excerpts from each chapter!

Samples -- "The proof of the pudding is in the tasting." In addition to the detailed Table of Contents (above), here are three sample pages from different parts of The Handbook of Keyword Selection. They give you a good taste of the eBook's clear writing style.

Keyword Selection for Search Engine Optimization (also called SEO optimization) and Pay Per Click Advertising -- A thumbnail explanation of how keywords are the power behind SEO and PPC. Therefore ... "Keywords Come First!" Before you think about Search Engine Optimization. Before you think about opening Pay Per Click advertising (PPC) accounts. Before you do anything else which depends upon keyword selection, you must find out what your keywords are!

Terms and Conditions -- Please read the Terms & Conditions governing use of this Web site. Let's all respect each other's rights and privacy. Thanks.

Order Page -- Here's where you can buy a copy of The Handbook of Keyword Selection. The 136-page eBook is an Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) document, so you can read it on either a PC or Mac. It downloads quickly. In fact, the minute your order is processed, we'll be ready to download the eBook to your computer.

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